Leaving the Family Business

Acknowledging, honoring and trusting in what you want for yourself and your own life starts here.

One thing that I want to make crystal clear is how much I admire family businesses.
I love the pride, the tenacity, the dedication and the commitment it takes to work in the family business. I deeply respect the blood, sweat and tears families expend, decade after decade, to keep their businesses going and growing. By no means am I seeking to diminish or disrespect any of this.

What I am aiming to do is offer a safe and supportive space to explore what you are feeling. The uncomfortable and potential heart wrenching emotions that come along with this thought:

I think I want to leave the family business.

It takes courage to trust this discontent.

This feeling – of wanting to move on from the family business – can be gut wrenching, soul shaking, and will wreak havoc on your mind, heart and soul.

This same feeling can also be exhilarating and exciting, breathing life and purpose into your mind, heart and soul as you allow yourself to envision taking the steps to walk a different path.

Each person in this scenario has their own set of reasons why they think they could never walk away from their family’s business:

They will not understand
They will not forgive me
I will loose my family
I am just being selfish
I owe it to them
I don’t have a choice

When you go a little deeper, all of these excuses derive from a similar place – fear. Fear that your decision will hurt those you love. Fear they will not understand. Fear they will think you are selfish. Fear they will feel you are abandoning them. Fear you will loose your family and never be forgiven.

Fear is life’s greatest obstacle. And you can overcome it.

The other deep, raw and terrifying emotion to consider: regret. By avoiding acknowledging your thoughts and feelings about leaving and choosing to not explore what you truly want for yourself, you will end up with regret.

Coaching will provide you with the courage to trust your discontent, the confidence to overcome your fears and the clarity to avoid the regret of inaction.

Here’s what to know about the impact of whole life coaching.

1. Space to Wonder:
What you are feeling matters. Your emotions are showing up for a reason. Coaching will explore what that reason is. You will realize, all of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wants, and dreams are valid, real and important. I will show up for you without judgment and with ample curiosity as we sort through all you are experiencing.
2. Support to Process:
Creating the foundation of support as you unpack what is going on is crucial. You will learn to trust this discontent and release yourself from the story of obligation that you have been telling yourself.
3. Opportunity to Decide:
By choosing not to explore options, you are choosing to stay. By choosing to consider life beyond the family business, you are choosing yourself. You are not being selfish. You are not having a mid-life crisis. You are acknowledging a deep knowing your life wants to change.
4. Power to Choose:
All of the work we’ll do up until this point is necessary for you to feel free to envision what is waiting for you on the other side of leaving. The life you want to create for yourself is possible and you are capable, worthy and ready.
5. Framework to Share:

The most important element in telling your family about what you are thinking and feeling is to keep it about you; what you are wanting to do for yourself to be happy and at peace. We will lean on gratitude, empathy and vulnerability. You have had time to prepare and process this huge change. Allow them time as well. Of course, one never knows how much time they will need, but accepting you cannot control their reaction, or how long it takes for them to process everything, is huge step in reclaiming your life.

“Regrets of inaction are for more common than regrets of action.”

Daniel Pink

Wherever you are on this journey, thinking about leaving, in the process of leaving, or already gone, please always remember these simple truths: It is YOUR life, and it is short, precious and unpredictable. You never know what the next day, hour or minute will bring. And you should choose to honor yourself by living your life in the best possible way….for you. Everything else will just fall into place.

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