If you are wondering how the ‘whole coaching thing’ works, please enjoy the following as an astonishing example of the power of coaching. When talking about coaching, I always say, ‘It is not about who ‘needs’ coaching – it’s about who wants coaching.’ Having the desire to change, to reach for something bigger, to BE something more, is what motivates clients to enter into coaching relationships.

I virtually met one of my very first clients back in August, 2013. She lives near Austin, TX, and a friend of hers was a client of a colleague of mine (are you with me?) I was in need of a ‘practice’ client for my last training weekend and appealed to my colleagues for help and, just like that, Marcela and I were introduced. We spoke for half an hour that first session and I felt an immediate connection. The session was full of energy, passion and purpose: both hers and mine.

Once I completed my training and entered into certification, I needed clients to have on my roster. I reached out to Marcela to see if she was interested in coaching for 6 months. When I did, she was very excited to sign. She told me how our first coaching experience had stuck with her and she was feeling very inspired about what was next for her. She was feeling a desire to take the steps that would allow her to make all her dreams a reality.

We’ve been working together for over a year and imagine the joy we both felt when we finally got a chance to meet, face to face. Are you wondering how this happened? Well, I’m so incredibly happy to share that she is following one of her life’s dreams: applying for acceptance into the Phd. Of Education program at Harvard University! Amazing, right? She is being bold and courageous and she is working to fulfill her dreams.

She is always so gracious in thanking me for what I’ve done for her, but I’m always quick to point out, that she is the one doing it. She is the one making the changes. Coaching isn’t about who the coach is, or who the client is, coaching is about what the relationship is between the two. The energy that is created, the passion that is nurtured, the purpose that is realized when two beings (coach and client) come together to focus on the client’s goals and dreams. I’m a catalyst, creating the space for clients to think, feel, and realize what is possible. Are you ready to reach for what is possible for you? I’m a coach. I’d like to be your coach, if you want one.