Lauren featured on ‘The Life Shift Podcast’

In this episode of ‘The Life Shift Podcast,’ Lauren Lemieux, the founder of ‘Coaching To Fulfill Dreams,’ talks about her decision to follow her intuition and leave the family business. Lauren reflects on her experiences of feeling stuck in a family business and the emotional toll it took on her. She talks about the moment that pushed her to leave and her challenges in making that decision. Ultimately, she found validation and support from her mother, which gave her the courage to pursue a new path. 

The Importance of Listening to Your Inner Voice

Lauren’s story highlights the significance of paying attention to your inner voice. Despite the pressure to conform, Lauren chose to listen to her inner dissatisfaction and made a change. She left a secure family business to pursue a career as a whole life coach, demonstrating the potential benefits of staying true to ourselves.

Dealing with Societal Pressures

The episode delves into the societal pressures that often influence our life choices. Lauren explains how social norms and expectations can trap people in careers they are not passionate about. She stresses the importance of breaking free from these expectations and pursuing paths that resonate with our values and desires.

Embracing Change and Unleashing Potential

Lauren’s career transition emphasizes the value of embracing change and unlocking one’s potential. Despite the fear and uncertainty that accompany significant changes, Lauren stepped into her potential. Her journey is an inspiration for those who feel stuck in their current situations and aspire to create a life they truly enjoy.

Lauren Leduc Lemieux is the founder of ‘Coaching To Fulfill Dreams,’ offering whole-life coaching to individuals who feel stagnant and are ready for change. Lauren’s calm and empathetic demeanor helps clients embrace new opportunities. She uses insightful questioning and intuitive listening to enlighten, engage, and empower her clients.

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