Trust Your Gut

Ignite Your Truth

Stop Settling

Are you ready to get clear on what lights you up, to feel confident in owning your wants and dreams, and to have the courage to make the moves to fulfill them? Yes, I’d say you are because you’re here.

With whole life coaching, you will empower yourself to acknowledge what is holding you back, embrace what you want for your life, and decide the time is now to get out of your own way.

There is a HUGE difference between living your life and merely tolerating it.

Until now, you’ve probably been doing the things you think you should do, making the safe decisions to be successful or following the advice of those who you thought you should be listening to. Yet, you’re here and likely thinking. “Is this it?” You should be happy, right? But, that’s not where you are. Discontent is churning in your gut. You feel unbalanced, bored, incomplete and frustrated.

What Happens Now?

You’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do, and still there is this restlessness deep inside. Something is missing – you want something different. Something more. Something you feel connected to. You can feel it heating up in your soul. You want to feel whole.

It’s time to ask yourself, “What is it that I’m truly wanting and yearning for?”

Trust the discontent.

You try to squash it, ignore it, and put out the fire. But playing it safe is slowly suffocating you. Once you acknowledge this feeling is present to guide you, you can breathe deeply and accept its purpose.

The good news is – this discomfort is a sign of growth.

Discontent is the pathway to revelation. When you can admit to the discomfort in your life, you can address those uncomfortable emotions and label them for what they are.

When you acknowledge that discontent provides you with opportunity, you prepare yourself for an epiphany. And with insightful questioning, empathetic support, and powerful intention, you will be ready to own your wants and walk your own path with certainty.

Release the obligation.

Obligation is a very powerful story…

A story that has you consistently making personal and/or professional convenient, safe, and expected decisions. But obligation is actually an illusion – a limiting belief designed to make you feel like you have no choices, when you absolutely, most certainly do.

Living your life just going through the motions is a form of apathy created by these limiting beliefs. The truth is, you do have options – options you have to consciously choose that challenge, push or even scare you to be able to feel truly inspired and fulfilled. Once you release your story of obligation and replace it with intention, you will then fully honor yourself and your dreams.

I have a question for you. How is your life being affected by discontent or influenced by obligation?

I’m Lauren, Whole Life Coach and the creator of Coaching to Fulfill Dreams. People who hire me feel stuck in a rut, uninspired due to settling for the mundane, and are done living with presumed obligations and suppressing their discontent. The dream is to create and live a fulfilling, joyful, purposeful life. Sound familiar?

Lauren Lemieux | CPCC, PCC

Whole Life Coaching addresses all the moving pieces. Your personal life affects your work, and what happens at work affects your life. Working one on one with me, you will explore the reasons behind your self-doubt and realize the solutions to overcome them. You will gain new tools to create the life you envision for yourself and will stop settling on living life on a surface level.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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