Benefits of Coaching

Over the past six years, I have had countless conversations about the benefits of coaching, and, for as many conversations as I’ve had on this subject, there are even more articles written, books published and videos posted, many of which are based on scientific research proving these benefits (Google Richard Boyatzis for just some of the latest findings.)  

Considering all the data and research proving coaching is a powerful investment in one’s personal growth or professional development, the question actually should be, ‘Why wouldn’t someone work with a coach?’  The answer to this question can likely be summed up in one word: fear.

The most common reason someone would invest in coaching – be it life, executive, leadership, etc – is they have a desire for change and change can be terrifying. The status quo is comfortable and safe and when changes start to be made, the floodgates open to a river of uncertainty.  Coaching provides a safe vehicle to explore what wants to happen next. 

Coaching elicits new perspectives, allows space to process existing emotions, and provides the opportunity to explore how to fulfill dreams.  Together, the coaching relationship honors the energy churning in one’s gut, lying heavy on one’s heart, or sparking in one’s soul.  Coaching supports an individual’s commitment for change. 

The investment of coaching challenges one to think big and to feel emotions usually set aside. Goals, dreams and fears are honored, valued and validated.

And, with a coach by their side, one will move beyond self-imposed boundaries and experience fully what is possible to create in their life.

We all have but one life – how do you want live yours?


Lauren Lemieux

On July 1, 2014, I became a Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC) and I hold the accreditation of a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.

I call myself a Whole Life Coach for 2 reasons: 1)  I feel I’ve been doing this work my whole life and 2) when someone feels a shift coming, it doesn’t just affect them personally or professionally – it affects their whole life.

Coaching is a powerful investment…

…to empower yourself with the confidence and courage to embrace what’s possible when you get out of your own way.   As a coach, I guide my clients through the process of making decisions that best support their values, goals and dreams.  When we live our lives aligned to these three ideals, we feel happy, balanced, and fulfilled.

In early 2017, I became a published author!  I wrote about leaving my family’s business in the inspiring book 365 Life Shifts. Order you copy now at


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