Lauren is an exceptional professional who possesses a profound understanding of personal development and a genuine passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential. Throughout our coaching sessions, Lauren demonstrates exceptional listening skills, empathy, and a deep commitment to my growth and success. She creates a safe and non-judgmental environment where I feel comfortable exploring my thoughts, emotions, and aspirations.

Lauren’s ability to ask thought-provoking questions challenges me to gain new insights and perspectives. She skillfully guided me through a process of self-reflection and self-discovery, helping me gain clarity on my values, strengths, and areas for growth. Her guidance and support were instrumental in setting meaningful goals and developing actionable strategies to achieve them.

What truly sets Lauren apart is her unwavering dedication to my success. She provides ongoing encouragement, accountability, and practical tools to empower me to take consistent action towards my goals. Her expertise in various personal development techniques and methodologies allows for a tailored approach that suited my unique needs and aspirations.

I am grateful for the impact Lauren has had on my personal and professional life. With her guidance I have experienced significant growth, gained confidence, and achieved milestones that once seemed out of reach. Her coaching has not only helped me overcome challenges but has also equipped me with valuable skills and strategies that I can apply in various areas of my life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren to anyone seeking a dedicated and compassionate life coach. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine commitment to her clients’ success make her a valuable asset to anyone looking to cultivate personal and professional growth. Working with Lauren has been a transformative experience, and I am confident that she will continue to positively impact the lives of many others.

Michele Rodrigues
Acushnet, MA

“Working with Lauren was transformational for me. I went from being in a leadership position I didn’t think I wanted to stay in, to embracing the role as a leader, and finding the joy in my work again. Looking back a year later at my “old self” it really is remarkable the change she helped me work through. So much so that my colleagues and leadership have noticed the positive changes as well. I highly recommend working with Lauren to anyone wanting to grow leadership skills and presence.”

Sarah Lyons

“I was fortunate to have some coaching sessions a few years ago, but it was not anywhere near as good as this engagement. Your ability to quickly identify behaviors, share your experiences and just listen and guide was amazing. I truly am forever grateful. Coaching has allowed me to understand and question things that I may not have been able to see and allowed me to open up to consider other options. I am more open to opportunities I may not have considered before. Your mix of warmth, personality and added humor was so helpful throughout this process.”

Naples, FLorida

“Lauren is warm, empathetic and has a structured, yet responsive approach to working with clients. She has been supportive and engaging and provided space for me to think through some complex challenges.”

Buckingham, England

“We’ve been through a lot together… it was very helpful to have a professional help me to identify and organize my fears, uncertainties and ambitions.”

Garrett G.
Fall River MA

“Wonderful coach! She offers you different perspectives on what you may be struggling with and challenges you to move yourself in the direction you want to go to achieve your personal goals. She provided much needed insight, support, and direction for me to be able to go forth with a major life change. When I first sought Lauren’s services, I was working as an engineer and was becoming more discontent with my career, but struggled to decide to change since I had worked so hard to obtain my degree. I was frustrated, sad, and confused on how to proceed to make an everlasting change in my career to be satisfied in my work. Lauren was able to provide validation and guidance as well as encouragement to go back to school to become a registered nurse to fulfill the desire I always had to help people. This career change has given me focus and purpose into my life as I am currently working as a nurse and will complete my doctorate in nursing in the spring of 2023 to become a nurse practitioner. Thank you, Lauren, for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. Highly recommended!”

Katie O.
Rochester, MA

“I had no idea what coaching was but I was impressed by Lauren’s ability to listen and how open minded and empathetic she is. In the end, coaching really helped me gain clarity on my roadblocks and helped me understand that every little step counts! It’s totally an experience I’d recommend to anyone. That’s the great thing about it – coaching is tailored towards each individual and their unique aspirations.”

College Student
Boston, MA

Lauren’s empathy, openness, and confidence in herself, and others, are refreshing. Guiding me through self-reflection and seeing things from various perspectives, was so rewarding. Lauren provides a platform for you to be yourself and she leads you to discover inner thoughts/fears that may not have been in the forefront.

Dina M.
Dartmouth, MA

Having Lauren as a coach has changed me in so many ways. Her insight, her perspective, her practices, her compassion have brought me from a difficult mental space and allowed me the tools to grow, learn, heal and thrive. Forever grateful.


Lauren graciously offered a one-hour group session helping to reframe procrastination. In preparation for the session, she sent a few questions to ponder. That exercise itself was incredibly valuable. During our time together we looked at when and how procrastinating can actually serve you. I recognized that sometimes I consciously choose to put something off, but what I got more curious about, is when I don’t make that conscious choice. What I left the session with is recognizing when choosing to delay something serves me, and more importantly, came up with a way I can address the more “challenging” moments to push through on a task I might otherwise put off . I enjoyed the session and look forward to putting my new process/perspective into practice.

Heidi W.
Portsmouth, RI

I attended an event, Use Your Procrastination: What do you want to do?, that Lauren organized and facilitated. I tend to put off tasks that are necessary to furthering my business and wanted to understand why I keep doing this. The event was a discussion among audience members and Lauren where we talked about the tasks we don’t like doing right away and explored the reasons why. It was incredibly helpful to talk about it, and everyone in the group had similar stories to mine. My main takeaway was to reframe the way I think about the tasks and to concentrate on what I can control about them, not on the response, which is largely out of my control. Thanks, Lauren, for giving me a great new outlook and tools I can use right away!

Laura Foley, Presentation Strategist, Laura M. Foley Design

“Lauren is an exceptional Life Coach because she is an exceptional human being. Her intuitive nature allows her to see the true potential in her clients – even before they do! This is what Lauren has done for me, and the strategies that she has taught me have helped in just about every facet of my life! I can’t recommend Lauren Lemieux enough. She literally changes lives for the better!”

Deirdre P.

“Having a Coach like Lauren gives you the ability to look at aspects of your life from all different angles, some you knew were there and some that were hiding and others that you never saw coming. The magic in her coaching is drawing out those angles and giving you the confidence to know you are on your right path. Thanks Lauren!”

Dennis B.
Mattapoisett, MA

“Lauren guided me out of the darkness and helped brighten the path I was on. She helped me to see all the available paths that were open to me for my choosing. I will use this experience to help me through whatever journey I embark on in life. Thank you!”

Julie T.
Mattapoisett, MA

“Lauren guided me on a path to see the world in a more positive lens, helping to improve my career and personal life in a long-lasting way. Coaching has made me want to continue focusing on improving myself every day and reevaluate what success means to me. ”

S. Patten
New Bedford, MA

“While participating in an entrepreneurship accelerator program with EforAll South Coast, Lauren was one of my mentors.  The moment we met, I felt the connection. I immediately sensed that she understood me, and helped to put my mind at ease.  My entrepreneurship career path and my life’s journey has taken me to some fearful moments over the last 7 months. Lauren is always there to remove any self doubt and assure me that my confident self will prevail. She reminds me that I should push away the saboteur voice that invades my space now and again.

Lauren is definitely coaching me to fulfill my dreams.  I have made huge strides and accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I am making my own path and in my own time.
With Lauren as part of my team, I know I’m on the right path.”

Silvia Correia-Thomas
Stoughton, MA

“The past 18 months have been a pivotal time in career to say the least. My sports chiropractic office was vastly expanding with new employees, lots of new patients and of course new challenges. Working with my life coach, Lauren, tremendously helped me through the transition. She offered me a unique perspective as well as many strategies to get over the road blocks (mainly within my own thinking) that were holding me back from carrying out my vision for not only my practice, but basically my life.

In addition to helping me, I’ve utilized Lauren to give both group and individual life coaching sessions to my employees. This was a huge success! I believe we all learned a lot about ourselves from this experience. Lauren is a really outstanding coach – warm, insightful and fun to be around. Best of all, she’s challenging when it’s needed and always supportive.

Her words of wisdom gave me the right push at the right moment to make difficult decisions with my practice. I highly recommend life coaching to individuals who feel stuck or stale in their career or with life in general. I will always be grateful for having met Coach Lauren and the huge impact she has made in my life.”

Yours in health,
Thomas Crabbe

“I met Lauren at time in my life when I knew I needed a change but didn’t know how to go about making one.  Lauren guided me through self reflection, challenged me to confront my fears and ultimately, through thoughtful and thought-provoking questions, helped me see other possibilities.  I ultimately created a path for myself to change and took a professional risk that was both scary and empowering.  I look back on this journey and can clearly see that it all began with my first conversation with Lauren.”

Paula M.
Dartmouth, MA

“I had the privilege of working with Lauren as I transitioned to a new phase in my business. Having her support and guidance was priceless.”

New Bedford, MA

“Lauren taught me to follow my heart as well as my brain. Her observations helped me to identify what is right for me and to see there are work/life alternatives to eliminate what is not right. She encouraged me to expand my network, helped me to prioritize my goals, and taught me to let go of the distractions that kept me from making progress.”

Nicky J.
Dartmouth, MA

“Lauren helped me see what I couldn’t see myself”. With her calming presence and wise and thoughtful questions we uncovered strengths I never knew I had. This was great support as I navigated my transition”.

Donna Mac
DMacVoice & Media
Communications Coach & Speaker
Rehobeth, MA

“Lauren has a talent for ‘sussing out’ the most appropriate questions to ask that will help you to gain a new perspective on where you want to go, literally. Her Coaching To Fulfill Dreams is insightful, concise and no-nonsense in approach. If you are looking to gain and develop a sweeping and detailed vision of what may be, I recommend you check in with Lauren Lemieux to help you consider the possibilities.”

Katharine Gilpin
Creative Healing Artist, Body & Sound Therapist
Middelborough, MA

“I could not have asked for a more present coach.  I felt that I was able to vent and just get things out of my head – Lauren was there, actively listening, and picking apart exactly what it was that I was trying to say.  More so, helping me realize some important things that were holding me back, while also recognizing what will propel me forward.”

Joshua Louro
Dartmouth, MA

“My office is in a non-descript building.  One morning I got to work, and asked out loud, how do I combine my love of teaching yoga and my paying job?  Ten minutes later, in walked Lauren Lemieux!  I had no idea why she was there, but I felt like I already knew her.  She was going to leave information for my boss and told me the story of her becoming a life coach.  I knew immediately that she was there for me!

We have worked together for over six months now.  With Lauren’s coaching, I am now on my way to transitioning from full time administrative work to eventual full time yoga teacher and more!  Lauren challenged my thought patterns, helped me identify my saboteurs and fears and kept reminding me to look at things differently if needed.

I am a firm believer in manifestation.  The more you come into your true self, the more the Universe jumps in to show you that you’re on the right path.  Lauren followed her path, and now I’m following mine.”


Diane R.
Somerset, MA

“You have helped to inspire me to really evaluate what is important to me and where it is I really want to be in life. I think the new position is much more in line with where I want to be professionally than my current position.”

Katie A.

“For weeks I’ve been working with Lauren, identifying what I secretly believed to be my limits. What I have joyously learned is that the only limits I have are the ones I place on myself & there is actually no limit to what I am capable of doing. I’m learning how to embrace being uncomfortable, to confidently take actions and to make decisions that positively affect my life purpose. Without fail, every time I finish my session with Lauren, I take a new tool to keep growing. Thank you Lauren!”

Marcela A.
Austin, TX

“Lauren is a natural life coach. She’s spirited, encouraging, easy to talk to, & she brings considerable skill to the coaching experience. She is a powerful listener who helps you look at the many perspectives of whatever situation you’re dealing with and uses humor lighten your load.

Lauren will not fix your problems for you, but she will help you recognize and access your highest and wisest self, so that you can resolve your own problems in the most authentic way. Coaching with Lauren has made a definite positive change in my life.”

Christine C.
Portland, Maine

“I am at a cross-roads in my life and had never had a Life Coach before. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what a ‘life coach’ was. I knew that my life could be more: productive, fulfilling, authentic, whole and improved. So when the opportunity to work with Lauren came to fruition, I jumped at it. I’ve never looked back!

Lauren is born to be a life coach – this is her calling. She works in a professional, approachable, organic way that feels comfortable, yet productive. Lauren’s innate ability helps you identify your Raison D’Etre; to look at your dreams and have them come to life in a concrete, tangible way; realize your goals and find the means to achieve them; identify your fears and realize the tools to overcome them are already a part of you.

That is what Lauren is doing for me and I believe – actually, I KNOW – that she can do that for you, too.”

Nicole W.
Vancouver, BC

Video testimonial courtesy of Dr. Devon Barley

Video testimonial courtesy of Jen Potter

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