Growing, developing and becoming the person you want to be starts here.

Whether you are a faithful employee, an emerging leader, or an engaging manager, you play a pivotal role in your organization. Your individual responsibilities may differ, but collectively, each is a necessary to create a supportive culture and achieve success.

As living, breathing, bundles of energy, it is vitally important to know in our hearts that we, and our work matters. That who we are and what we do on a daily basis matters. Feeling engaged matters. Feeling fulfilled matters. Feeling rewarded matters. Feeling seen, heard, and appreciated matters.

It’s no secret that workplace cultures have been shifting and will continue to do so. The more we take responsibility for our own well-being and professional future, the more we will feel connected to our purpose.

So, when the opportunities to feel seen, heard and appreciated are missing, the impact is widely felt and discontent arises. When this happens, within yourself or your team, it indicates something is off.

What do we do with this feeling?

More often than not, we ignore it. Or we settle for feeling less than, explaining it away as the status quo, adopting the “it is what it is” mentality, or better yet, “they are who they are”.

How is this beneficial?

What is driving this way of thinking, working, and being?

Complacency – it’s comfortable and familiar.
Fear – it’s paralyzing and messy.
Uncertainty – it’s confusing and inefficient.

Are you ready for a new way?

Yes, it’s time.

Time to acknowledge and embrace the truth – and the truth is something has to shift. And it starts with how you show up and identify what you will no longer tolerate.

What is it that makes this so hard? Are you experiencing:

• Confusion
• Self-doubt
• Indecisiveness
• Overwhelm
• Embarrassment
• Lack of confidence

Whatever it is, together we can discover exactly what’s keeping you from feeling fulfilled and excited about your professional presence.

I have a relaxed yet direct approach to coaching individuals to identify limiting beliefs, blind spots, and opportunities for growth.

Here’s what to know about the impact of whole life coaching.

In my work with clients, I consistently hear people say they recognize that they are feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, but they aren’t sure why. The discontent of existing as they are is getting to be too much. They are tired of feeling frustrated. They want more for themselves – more connection, more fulfillment, more engagement.

When we consider wanting to shift our thinking to make a change, the mind kicks in to defense mode and tells us we have no choices, no control, or no options for anything different because it’s warding off the perception of risk.

It is time to reframe what change means to the brain and have it be felt as something exciting and positive vs. scary and negative.

Consider this: our brains are designed to keep us safe, so when the body and nervous system react to the idea of a change, the brain shuts it down to ‘protect’ us. Whatever the change, the perception is that because it is uncertain and scary, it must also be dangerous and a threat.

When the mind is stuck in protection mode, this is when we must lean in to being courageous and trust in our heart and intuition to guide us.

Coaching is the process of learning how to do just that. We will focus on you – your emotions, feelings, and dreams; your voice, heart, and soul. And, you will likely realize you already have within you what it takes to make those intentional leadership/career choices to create the professional presence you want for yourself.

Framework For Whole Life Coaching

Every coach has their own system for working with clients. At Coaching To Fulfill Dreams, I want my clients to know my expectations, our schedule, and what it is they want to get out of our relationship. Here’s how it goes:

Your Program

Together we create a customized program to suit you, your agenda, and your vision.


We have regularly scheduled 45-minute sessions by phone so you know exactly when our calls will be and can plan accordingly.

Revelation Exploration

We will communicate in between those sessions via text, email, and/or Voxer to discuss whatever may come up – insights, awakenings, and a-ha moments are extremely powerful and we use those as guideposts as we move forward.

Check Ins

Spontaneous messages from me will prompt introspection and reflection for you.

Working one to one, you will begin to tap into new parts of yourself and sense a new you emerging as we identify your values and hone your strengths. I will be your trusted partner as you gain the confidence and courage to name your fears and clear out your limiting beliefs.

As you continue to build these skills, who you imagine yourself to be will become clearer than ever before and the life you are wanting for yourself will begin to take shape.

Invest in Whole Life Leadership Coaching with Lauren

  • Schedule your complimentary call with me.
  • Decide. Listen to your gut saying, “yep – this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”
  • Review and sign the coaching agreement and seal your commitment to yourself.
  • Determine the best mutual day and time for our bi-monthly calls.
  • Use your excitement to dive deep into your inspirational questionnaire that will spark the framework for our work together.
  • Send it back, and get ready!

For the owners, CEOs, managers and HR professionals, let’s chat. Providing coaching is one of the best ways to invest in and retain your top people. Happy to discuss your unique needs and create a program that works for your organization.

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