Stimulate, Activate, Motivate – A Collection of Empowerment


This is a call to action. The time is now for you to declare – enough is enough.  Enough waiting. Enough isolation. Enough uncertainty.

This collection of conversations is designed for you to create more for yourself – more confidence, more clarity and more courage – to create all that you envision for your life in the next year. You can register for the entire series through this regsitration page.

These intimate virtual gatherings provide you with six, individual opportunities to go all in and invest the time and energy to evoke the very best of your one, wild and precious life!  Register for one, or all, of these intentional conversations via Zoom. Each session will provide a safe, inviting setting to focus on six different areas throughout the year.  Together, we will explore our feelings and perspectives about the specific topic. The energy and camaraderie created will last well beyond our moments together as we engage in conversation to strengthen the bonds of connection, vulnerability and trust.

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January 5th | Create Your Intentions – What do you Want?

Whatever your ‘want’ is, let’s get the plan in place. Whether you use goals, intentions, or some other form of manifesting your destiny, this powerful session to envision what you want your 2021 to look like and feel like is for you. What is most important to you to accomplish? To realize?  To experience? The time is now to own it, acknowledge it and go for it.

March 2nd | Speak Your Truth – What do you want to Say?

So much of what we accomplish, or may not accomplish, is directly impacted by how we speak to ourselves. In this empowering session, you will discover and connect to the strength of our mind, heart and soul. This is the starting point to cultivate our self-confidence to be bold and speak our truth with compassion and courage.

May 4th | Nurture Your Emotions – What do you want to Feel?

Grab the reigns of your emotions and embrace the reality you do have control over how you feel and react. In this enlightening session inspired by neuroscience research, learn that all emotions are healthy and necessary, and you will be okay. Emotions show up for a reason – let’s get curious about them.

July 6th | Use your Procrastination – What do you want to Do?

Learn to view your habit of procrastination in whole, new way – as an ally and advantage. In this exciting session you’ll explore not only the reasons for procrastination, see the message behind it. Learn to use it to prioritize and focus your energy. It’s time to see your habit of procrastinating for what it is and begin to live and work intentionally. No more excuses!

September 7th | Recalibrate Your Path – What do you want to Experience?

Feeling as though you aren’t on the ‘right path’ is very unsettling. In this reflective session, take a closer look at where you are vs. where you want to go. Identifying the choices that brought us to where we are is so necessary to light the way of where we want to go. 

November 2nd | Honor Your Growth – What do you want to Celebrate?

This has been a year of __________ – how will you finish this sentence?

In this fulfilling session you’ll have chance to reflect on and celebrate what has worked, what needs improvement and where to go from here. All of your ups and downs will be honored with time to reflect on your successes and where you may have fallen short. There is value in it all. Let’s lay it all out and see what is next.

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