When I started this journey 18 months ago to ‘become’ a life coach, I remember being overcome with a feeling of serenity, of resolve, of connection. I knew, from the moment I made the call to sign up for the training and the certification programs, that this was it… this is was I was meant to do. I walked into my first training weekend with all the excitement and jubilation of a child walking into their first kindergarten class and soaked up every second of learning. When I completed training, I felt I had graduated and was all to eager to begin certification, to continue to study for this new career. Now, I am a certified coach.

I market myself as a ‘whole life’ coach with the intent being to embrace the element of coaching that supports the whole person, taking all aspects of their life into consideration. Whatever is present during a session, be it personal or professional, is what we coach around because any single issue, struggle, or obstacle will impact one’s complete life. Coaching a client’s ‘whole life’ is my job, my purpose, my gift. But, that’s not all. I had an epiphany recently that has changed everything.

I did not think it necessary or possible to become more grounded in my life, but it happened. I was struck with the realization that I did not just become a ‘whole life’ coach when I achieved certification. I’ve actually had this passion my whole life. I’ve been this person my whole life. I’ve been coaching people my whole life!

Beginning with challenging my parents at very young age to allow me to do what I wanted to do, to brokering their divorce at the at of 16, to helping friends get clear on what it is that they may be struggling with, I’ve always been this person, stressing the importance of doing what one wants to do to support their happiness, their goals, their dreams. I’ve always strived to be a catalyst for clarity, confidence and courage, and now, I’m so grateful and ready to have it be life’s work.

A whole life coach – that’s me. What have you been your whole life? How can I help you?