With the end of 2014 upon us, I am very aware that have not yet reached some milestones for this year, but I’m confident that I will….someday. Some may see these unfulfilled goals as ‘failures,’ but I have no room in my life for failure. To me, the mere concept of ‘failure’ is futile and unproductive. What’s the point in stressing myself out if I don’t hit a certain number, whether it’s my checking account balance or on the scale? How do you feel about unfulfilled goals? Here’s my take on it:

Experience the Lessons. With each goal we put in place, be it personal or professional, we are cognizant of what we are aspiring to, of where we want to be. As we move towards our goal, we learn what works for us, and what doesn’t. Some actions move us forward, and some may set us back. And, that is okay. We need to learn to trust ourselves to make the decisions that work for us and recognize that each experience is valuable in its own way.

Enjoy the Journey. Throughout our journey, we must always remember we are choosing to be on the path we are on. Deciphering all the advice, ideas, and stories that are thrown our way can be exhausting and confusing. If you are stressed because you aren’t inspired to meet a set goal, where’s the joy in that? If you are not enjoying the work it takes to reach a milestone, what’s the significance of that milestone in the first place?

Shift the Focus. Just because you set a goal, that doesn’t mean it is unchangeable. Feeling overwhelmed by a goal you’ve set or depressed that you haven’t achieved takes away from the fact you are trying. And, trying is half the battle. If you need to shift your focus, go ahead – shift it. You are the only one that controls how you feel and where to place your energy. You determine your own definition of success.

Please make no mistake – I am a proponent of aspiring to be the best you can be and I am not saying it’s okay to slack off or be lazy. I just believe everyone’s definition of ‘the best’ – of success – is different. What determines your success? I may not have achieved certain goals yet, but I know I have had a successful year! I determine my success by the peace, joy and fulfillment I feel in my mind, heart and soul when I help a client connect to their best self and they are inspired to move in the direction of their dreams. I have momentum, confidence and determination propelling me into 2015. How about you … what is propelling you to have 2015 by your most successful year?