Trust the Discontent

A few weeks back, I admitted to myself that I was in a rut. A many months long rut, feeling blah and unsure about my path and messaging as a professional life coach. Many things contributed to my feeling uninspired and stuck and I was missing my oomph.

Now, as you may imagine, this is neither a pleasant nor productive place to be. So, what the hell was happening? I absolutely LOVE coaching, adore my clients and appreciate every opportunity to show up for those seeking change. It was uncomfortable and confusing and, in hindsight, I now know, I was feeling discontent. We’ll come back to this in a little bit.

First, regarding the feeling blah. I realized for all the posts about gratitude and intentions and setting boundaries – which are all extremely valid and powerful – something was missing. Honoring all of these is absolutely empowering, yet I wondered, “Is this enough? What’s my signature offering? How do I differ than other life coaches?” I wanted answers.

So, I hired the incomparable Caroline Mays – SwitchBlade Lemonade – and completed her program.

What. A. Game. Changer.

Not only did I find my oomph, it got a complete makeover. And, I realized that the discontent I had been feeling was a sign. I actually was living my message. When I chose to Trust the Discontent and get curious about it instead of let it consume me, there was the opportunity for change. When you Trust the Discontent your pathway to revelation comes into focus.

And, oh the revelation I’ve recently had. I’m so excited to share more in the coming weeks. Until then, what is your discontent wanting to reveal to you?

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