G.G. Fall River MA

“We’ve been through a lot together… it was very helpful to have a professional help me to identify and organize my fears, uncertainties and ambitions.”

Laura Foley

I attended an event, Use Your Procrastination: What do you want to do?, that Lauren organized and facilitated. I tend to put off tasks that are necessary to furthering my business and wanted to understand why I keep doing this. The event was a discussion among...

Joshua Louro

I could not have asked for a more present coach.  I felt that I was able to vent and just get things out of my head – Lauren was there, actively listening, and picking apart exactly what it was that I was trying to say.  More so, helping me realize some important...

Katharine Gilpin

Lauren has a talent for ‘sussing out’ the most appropriate questions to ask that will help you to gain a new perspective on where you want to go, literally. Her Coaching To Fulfill Dreams is insightful, concise and no-nonsense in approach. If you are looking to gain...

Donna Mac

Lauren helped me see what I couldn’t see myself. With her calming presence and wise and thoughtful questions we uncovered strengths I never knew I had. This was great support as I navigated my transition