I’ve been reflecting on my own story recently. Many know I left my family business nearly nine years ago, but that is not the focus of my thoughts today. I’m going back even further.

My college journey did not go as planned. As a senior, I planned to go away for college, receiving an early acceptance to a school I was so excited to attend. Public health administration was going to be my major, thanks to some subtle suggestion from my Dad.

Now, “back in the day….” the financial aid process was a paper application you completed with a pen and mailed to the federal aid office in New Jersey. Imagine that! My mother took care of the paperwork and sent it off.

What happened in that office set my journey in motion.

Turns out, my application got lost somewhere in the process. And, although my mother received the canceled check (another ‘back in the day’ moment) proving they received my application, it wasn’t processed and I imminently was disqualified from the school for financial aid for not submitting the application in time.

So, as a last resort, I applied, very late, to the school in my backyard – Southeastern Massachusetts University (now UMass Dartmouth.)

I now was a commuter. And, I wasn’t thrilled. I felt like I was going to a glorified high school. I was resentful and angry. All my plans had vanished. Sure I could’ve gone thru the financial aid process again and transferred, but I didn’t see it that way. I was too busy wallowing.

My four years were muddled with confusion. I changed majors three times and because of Hurricane Bob in 1991, I started working part-time at, you guessed it, the family business.


Here comes the reflection part.

I just realized I never have appreciated my graduating from college. I always saw my attending and graduating from UMass Dartmouth had an asterisk – like it wasn’t something to be proud since it wasn’t what I had set out to do. What kinda bull***t is that, right? Talk about a revelation!

It feels so good to get rid of the asterisk and say -I am so proud to be an UMD Alumna!!

And now, an UMD parent, too.

Coaching is a powerful investment that will empower you to…

  • Trust your Discontent with curiosity – you are feeling frustrated for a reason. Let’s find it.
  • Own your Wants with  courage – you are sacrificing your priorities for a reason. Let’s find it.
  • Clear your Path with confidence – you are stuck in rut for reason. Let’s find it.

Once you realize where your values, priorities and dreams are out of alignment, you will then be ready to get to work and create the life you truly envision for yourself.

Now is the time for clarity. All this is possible and so much more. Let’s get started.

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