Every one has the power to choose their own path. This is a very important concept – YOU CHOOSE! Now, that may seem very simple, but it is very powerful.

You CHOOSE to stay in that job.

You CHOOSE to stay in that relationship.

You CHOOSE to be…….(fill in the blank.)

The power comes from the alliance you and I will form and what YOU bring to the coaching. How much you choose to do. You know what is important to you, and only you know what is missing from your life. All those decisions that fog your mind will become clear. The goals that seem just out of reach are all of a sudden within your grasp. And, once you acknowledge what you want in life, what’s next? Change.

Changing your life is necessary to achieve what you want and yes – change is SO SCARY! Believe me, I know! My job is to help you focus on your dreams – on what is important to you! To be by your side, with you through ‘the scary. To remind you that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled, and that you have the tools, the knowledge, the means, etc, to be anyone and do anything YOU CHOOSE to do.

I will support you, champion your confidence and offer you clarity. And, after all that, you just may realize, it may not be that scary after all.