This time of year, with Thanksgiving and the holidays upon us, words like gratitude and thankful show up everywhere. I’m so intrigued by this emotion and how it sparks such reaction in people. What it is about gratitude that evokes such a response when prompted by a few days on the calendar?

The definition of the noun gratitude is: the feeling of being thankful or grateful. The definition of attitude is: the manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person, thing, tendency, or orientation, especially of the mind.

We offer ‘Thank You’ all the time. We train kids to say ‘Thank You’. We say the words as an automatic response. But, how often does the feeling of being thankful, of gratitude, show up in ‘Thank You’?

People so easily jump on board when the opportunity to ‘be grateful’ shows up. What I want for you is to have gratitude present in your daily existence. This simple feeling will change how you experience life.

There is no secret to having gratitude all the time. You can welcome that feeling whenever you want it. You create the experience. You choose to be grateful and to offer gratitude. When consumed by a rainy day or cranky children; by traffic jams or busy stores; by situations or people, embrace what you are grateful for in those stressful moments. Find something, anything, to be thankful for.

When you live with gratitude every day, your perspective on otherwise challenging situations will shift and your life will forever be changed.

Thank You for spending the last minute reading this message.