Meet Lauren Lemieux, Life Coach with Coaching To Fulfill Dreams:

lauren lemieux life coachCoaching became her passion in the most natural way. After 18 years of working for a family business, the realization hit her hard – she was merely existing in her career, not living a meaningful, fulfilling life. Her job did not inspire her, excite her, or light her up!

Although it was extremely difficult to leave the family behind, she decided to choose to put her goals and dreams first, and to find out what was missing.

On Halloween, 2012, she gave her notice.  After taking this bold step, many asked, ‘So, what is it you want to do?  What is next?’   She had no answer. She hadn’t figured that part out yet. She just knew it was different than what she was currently doing. She knew she wanted to champion people; to make a difference in their lives. To help people feel the empowerment that she was in the midst of feeling. But, was that a career?

A few weeks after this, a childhood friend asked, ‘What about life coaching?’   She soon found out, not only was it a career, Coaching to Fulfill Dreams was her destiny.