When’s the last time you made a decision against your better judgment? Soon after, I imagine the voice of doubt began to whisper or a feeling of uncertainty slowly built up in your core. The moment you realize, ‘Oh boy… I think I just made a bad choice’ can bring anxiety, angst and aggravation. If you are all too familiar with hearing that voice or experiencing that feeling, it’s time to meet, or be reintroduced to, your intuition. For me, I believe intuition is a skill we all have. Some of us have just honed the skill more sharply than others. Search for ‘intuition’ and the definition pops up in a multitude of ways:

• The ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of
• A natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something
without any proof or evidence.
• A feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully
understanding why.
• Something that is known or understood without proof or evidence.

Studies have shown that right brain thinkers embrace their intuition – they go with their gut. The direction is described as ‘having a radar’ about people and situations. They ‘get a sense’ of the what’s going on by the feelings they connect to. Left brain thinkers rely on analytics, research, and details. They need to prove the decision is ‘right’ before they make it and hardly ever consider their gut reactions.

Coaching helps to foster and nurture intuitive skills by offering clients a space for self-discovery, free of opinion or judgment and full of possibility and opportunity. You will learn to connect and trust your intuition, before you make those hard decisions. Coaching will have you on your way to making confident, clear and courageous choices.