When you work for a family business and you contemplate a career change, simply acknowledging to yourself that you are considering leaving the family business can leave you confused, stressed and overwhelmed. Once you come to terms within your own mind, heart and soul that you do want to leave, and you actually vocalize your thoughts to someone, the reality of what you are considering becomes, well, real.

When you view making the decision to leave as a process, and you begin to connect (or reconnect) to that part of yourself who truly knows what it is you want, the decision to move on will be your way to honor your values, goals and dreams. Realizing your process will have you inspired, empowered and ready to move yourself forward on your journey, one decision at a time.

Chances are, you have pondered leaving for years, which makes perfect sense because deciding to leave is a process. This isn’t about having a fight with a family member and you feel you may want a change. No, this process started long ago, and you’ve pushed those thoughts aside for years for fear of disappointing those you love and not living up to the expectations of so many. But, this is your life and you deserve to make a living doing work you love to do. Ask yourself: What is it that you want for your life that you do not have access to from working in the family business? Fulfillment? Validation? Happiness?

The more you talk about it, the more real it becomes. Seek guidance from a mentor, colleague or coach, and talk about what you want for your life. In the beginning, those who love you may be shocked, upset and confused, but as the conversation continues, they will begin to see this change is best for you, and for the business, even if they don’t like it