A challenge: Acknowledge you always have a choice!

icantI’ve been exploring the concept of the power of choice in every aspect of my life. This idea has been quite liberating, actually. Think for a moment how many times you say “I can’t” as an automated response when someone asks something of you: a favor, a meeting, a responsibility. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just can’t.” Is it really that you can not do what is asked, or that you are choosing not to?

A few months back, I made the conscious decision to eliminate “I can’t” from my vocabulary. I did this for myself to constantly support the power of owning that I choose what is important to me and where to focus my energy.

When you say you ‘can not’ do something, that isn’t usually the case. Sure, sometimes, you literally can not do something for physical reasons, but other than that, we use ‘can’t’ as an excuse… it’s an easy out. “Hey, can you take care of the appointment tomorrow?” Easy is: “Nope, sorry… I can’t”. Real is: “Nope, sorry. I have something else I need to do.” Do you feel the difference?

Think about it… next time you are ready to say “sorry, I can’t,” replace it with “sorry, I’m choosing not to because…” Acknowledge you always have a choice and choose your words to support that position. The pride of making what is important to you the priority will truly inspire you to evoke your power to choose you own path, in every aspect of your life.