Life Coaching

This is the definition of a ‘professional coach’ from ICFNE.ORG (International Coach Federation of New England:)

A professional coach is a facilitator and a partner. A coach understands that you possess what it takes to achieve your goals yet you may lack the clarity, commitment and resolve to bring them about. Developing clarity is an essential step in achieving your goals. Many of us do not appreciate the value of clarity and are not aware of our full potential. Your coach grows with you while urging you to explore, question and act upon your goals and yes, when necessary, provides the nudging to keep you on track. Coaching is about making a commitment to your success; the decision is yours. You chart the course knowing that you have a supportive and willing navigation partner at your side; one who shares the same goals as you – your success!

What coaching will provide you with is the opportunity to:

  1. Empower yourself
  2. Evoke change
  3. Embrace what’s possible

When you connect your mind, heart and core in the decision making process, you will identify what matters most to you.

Once you acknowledge what you want in life, what’s next?  Change.  Yes, making changes to your life is scary, but it is necessary to get to where you want to be.  

Once you focus on your dreams, on what is important to you, on the life you want to create for yourself, I will be by your side, with you as you move through what is so scary, reminding you that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

We will discover what you already have within you – the tools, the knowledge, the means – for you to be anyone you want to be and do anything YOU CHOOSE to do.

Through coaching, you will realize what it is you want, why you want it and what you need to do to get it. Coaching is the catalyst for clarity, confidence and courage. As your coach, I will support you, challenge you and hold you accountable to go after your dreams.

Schedule a powerful conversation with me today that will Spark your Inspiration to Ignite your Truth!

Learn more about life coaching by watching this short video.

What is Coaching? from ICF Headquarters on Vimeo.