life coachingI imagine many of you may not have any experience with life coaching. Recently, I’ve seen and heard coaching be mocked and exploited on television shows and movies. I take those comments and storylines with a grain of salt, but I also feel part of my job as a credentialed ICF coach is to help spread the word on how powerful coaching is. True, if you haven’t experienced coaching for yourself, it may be challenging to understand the value. We don’t know what we don’t know, right?

The value lies in the relationship between a coach and client. The safety, honesty and trust established is critical to support the changes the client is looking to make. When people are stuck, in a relationship, job, situation, etc, I really, honestly believe people know what is best for them. People know themselves better than anyone outside their mind, body, heart and soul ever could. It’s just that sometimes, the mere thought of making such a change terrifies them to the point that they feel they have no choices. And, we always have choices.

As a coach, I facilitate transitions, one decision at a time. I do this by listening to my client and offering back to them what I hear them say, which means hearing more than their words – their tone, inflection, and pace of speaking are all so vital to our conversation. When a client is telling me how miserable they are, yet they are laughing as they speak, I ask them about it. What I don’t do is tell them what I think they should, or should not, do. This is a conversation reserved for friends, family, colleagues, etc…. not coaches.

May I ask, the next time you hear or say, ‘I just don’t know what to do‘ that you consider coaching, for yourself or as a referral to a colleague, friend and family member. Maybe it will be exactly what you are looking for.