Does a life coach work? Don’t just take our word for it…


For weeks I’ve been working with Lauren, identifying what I secretly believed to be my limits. What I have joyously learned is that the only limits I have are the ones I place on myself & there is actually no limit to what I am capable of doing. I’m learning how to embrace being uncomfortable, to confidently take actions and to make decisions that positively affect my life purpose. Without fail, every time I finish my session with Lauren, I take a new tool to keep growing. Thank you Lauren!

Marcela A. – Austin, TX


Lauren is a natural life coach. She’s spirited, encouraging, easy to talk to, & she brings considerable skill to the coaching experience.

She is a powerful listener who helps you look at the many perspectives of whatever situation you’re dealing with and uses humor lighten your load.

Lauren will not fix your problems for you, but she will help you recognize and access your highest and wisest self, so that you can resolve your own problems in the most authentic way. Coaching with Lauren has made a definite positive change in my life.

Christine C. – Portland, Maine


I am at a cross-roads in my life and had never had a Life Coach before. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what a ‘life coach’ was. I knew that my life could be more: productive, fulfilling, authentic, whole and improved. So when the opportunity to work with Lauren came to fruition, I jumped at it. I’ve never looked back!

Lauren is born to be a life coach – this is her calling. She works in a professional, approachable, organic way that feels comfortable, yet productive. Lauren’s innate ability helps you identify your Raison D’Etre; to look at your dreams and have them come to life in a concrete, tangible way; realize your goals and find the means to achieve them; identify your fears and realize the tools to overcome them are already a part of you.

That is what Lauren is doing for me and I believe – actually, I KNOW – that she can do that for you, too.

Nicole W. – Vancouver, BC