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Empower Hours

Empower Hours are intimate, one hour gatherings to provide personal growth and professional development

I have designed them to be either a personal experience in someone’s home or a team building exercise for a business.   The intentional conversation provides a safe, inviting setting to focus on topics ranging from procrastination to the importance of being present to not taking things personally.   We explore new perspectives about the specific topic chosen and the energy and camaraderie created lasts well beyond the moment.  Hosting an Empower Hour is an amazing opportunity to engage with those most important to you and will strengthen the bonds of connection, vulnerability and trust.

Safe & Inviting

Possible Topics

Face to Face and Heart to Heart

Creating moments of connection and care

Take Yourself off Autopilot

Unconscious to conscious


Ready. Set. Boundaries.

Creating your list of No’s.

Personal Version of Excellence

Connect with your best self

Imposter Syndrome

Identify & Overcome


Vocal Rehab

Ways to speak with intention.

It's Not Personal

A dialogue driven by The Four Agreements

Evening of Gratitude

Celebrate what we have vs. what we don’t

It's My Life

Evoking our power to choose.


Identify Your Saboteur

Envisoin and acknowledge saboteur voices


Let Go

The past is the past.

Inhale. Exhale. Pause.

Explore being present in the now.


Break the habit and become pro-active


How to stop making up stories.


Shift Your Mindset

Invite new perspectives in for a Mindset Reset

Create Change

Shining a light on what wants to happen.

Connect to Your Captain

Meet your inner guide (including a 10 min. visualization)


Embrace Your Fears

What are you afraid of?

Courageously Creative

Getting curious about how we show up to fulfill our imagination


Empowered No

Owning NO, practicing self care without apologies.

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